Recruitment in Bristol

Recruitment Agency Bristol: Jeanette Hingley of Berry Rowan

Bristol is, of course, a vibrant, multi-cultural and creative city. Thriving businesses are everywhere, from the city centre and Temple Quay out to many and varied business and industrial parks on the outskirts, including Aztec West, Bristol and Bath Science Park, Bristol Business Park, Filwood Green and the bustling Abbey Wood area.

It’s currently a buoyant recruitment market, with businesses competing for the best job candidates and candidates jostling for the best positions. In our view, this is a healthy situation. Many businesses and candidates rely on recruitment agencies in Bristol – so how do you know which to approach?

There are some good employment agencies in Bristol but there are also many who ‘play a numbers game’. This suits some recruiters while others prefer to be presented with carefully screened, interviewed candidates whose talents and aspirations match those required by the role. Berry Rowan sits firmly in the latter category of recruitment agencies in Bristol.

Berry Rowan, a recruitment agency Bristol businesses turn to again and again…

“Bristol and its surrounding areas are some of the UK’s finest examples of modern commerce,” she observes. “There are many opportunities and many candidates for each of them, it’s really satisfying to match recruiters with those who will play an active part in shaping and growing the future of the business.”

Jeanette, like her team colleagues, believes in gaining a clear understanding of her clients and their organisations. Learning about their cultures is imperative to putting forward the most appropriate candidates – which pays dividends for each party. “I listen to my clients and I am genuinely interested in what they have to say ”, she says, “creating a detailed profile of where they are today and where they’d like to be in the future.”

“I like to think I’m taking all the hard work of recruitment away from my clients. Recruitment is not everyone’s strength or even something they enjoy, but it’s what I do best, and means that I can save time for my clients to focus on other important work.”