Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Recruitment Consultant?

We are often asked about what recruiters do daily, so we put the question to our very own Jeanette Hingley, owner of Berry Rowan Recruitment Solutions. Berry Rowan specialise in placing permanent candidates in a variety of office based commercial roles across North Somerset and the surrounding areas. Jeanette knows the recruitment industry like the back of her hand, having worked with a range of clients and candidates over the years to make their recruitment process seamless, painless and an almost enjoyable experience!

About me / Berry Rowan… 

I fell into Recruitment after 2.5 years of travelling around Asia, Australia and the US and haven’t looked back. My first role was for a well-known agency in Aztec West, a brand new commercial office where myself and the Manager made connections in the Bradley Stoke and Aztec West area and built our client base from scratch. I look upon that experience as being fundamental to setting up my own business now. Since then I have worked for another two High Street agencies on the Permanent desk before going into business with a Recruitment Branch Manager for 5.5 years. We went our separate ways amicably and I then set up office here in Pure Offices, Portishead. I now have two staff Gabby and Abbi and I am recruiting another more experienced consultant at the moment.

Why did you start up your own business with the recruitment industry? 

I was working for a company in Clevedon who, during the recession made the decision to close the branch and asked us to work in Central Bristol. At the time my children were young, and my husband was telling me I would be great if I went alone (although I was less keen initially!). I wanted to work closer to home and I enjoyed working with clients and candidates within North Somerset and love Permanent recruitment, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Although I now realise it was a brave move during the recession and brought along lots of challenges and twists and turns, I am really glad I did it!

What do you like best about being a recruitment consultant? 

No two days are the same. From meeting clients and interviewing candidates to networking and preparing CV’s. It is full on and there is nothing better than making an offer to an excited candidate. I also love being able to accurately match candidate with client requirements and have been doing it so long that my shortlisting skills mean that often I only need to put one or two candidates in front of my client and they offer. This saves my client lots of time and they can trust me to only send the best candidates, knowing I have gone through the task of shortlisting over the phone and face to face so I have essentially done the hard work for them.

How can working with Berry Rowan benefit both the client and candidate? 

We truly believe that a good Recruiter is worth their weight in gold to a client who is struggling to manage their recruitment needs whilst still doing their day job. We have some great clients who we have worked with for many years and they keep coming back to us when their teams are expanding, or staff have moved on, so we believe that the Berry Rowan formula works. We love what we do and know that recruitment is often the last thing managers want to spend their time doing. We really do care about getting it right for the candidate too – not just placing them in any role –  so we take the time upfront to get to know both parties. Our aim is for every CV which lands in our clients’ in-box to be worthwhile and we would rather not send any than send unsuitable ones. Honesty is always the best policy!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I can honestly say there is no typical day – today I arrived to interview a candidate, prepared CV’s for three clients, called various candidates from a shortlist and arranged two interviews. Oh, and I wrote this and prepared candidate profiles ready for a mailer to be sent to the client database. This week included a sales meeting, a client visit to pick up a vacancy and three other candidate interviews. The days go so quickly and there is never a dull moment! As our Branch Administrator says – #ilovemyjob

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